We Fix Everything!

Our 120% Guarantee

Are you paying your AC Technician to go to school?

When you need your Air Conditioning fixed – call Buddy Rays AC for the lowest prices and the biggest Systems. Other companies charge high prices because they have to keep sending their techs to school. Here at Buddy Rays – we done learned it the first time around.

Hot air goes in, cold air comes out – that's all you need to know – and we make it happen!

Some AC Businesses let themselves be bogged down with too much paperwork, insurance, licenses, permits, stuff like that. We're not saying we go out of our way to do things the wrong way, or illegally, we're just saying that a little duct tape goes a long way – and if it's good enough for you it's good enough for us.

Our roving AC repair and landscaping trailer is coming to a neighborhood near you.

While we give your system our special 3 point inspection we can also black top your asphalt driveway because we usually have an extra barrel of tar left over from the last job.

At Buddy's AC we get things done quickly, and there's a pretty good chance your house isn't going to burn to the ground due to faulty wiring. At the end of the day we'll save you lots of money for that day and you won't have the headache of dealing with one of those "know it all" Air conditioning companies who have to do everything by the book.
Our Guarantee – when we are finished, it'll feel like we were never there!