We Fix Everything!

A/C Barn Call Center

If you are too hot today – time to call Buddy Ray!

Buddy Ray's Temperature Team is there for you 24/7 – from our Barn door to your back door! Locally owned and operated for 80 years.

Buddy Ray's A/C Barn is proud to be the close relative customer satisfaction leader for sales and service of all major Air Conditioning & Heating products as well as Landscaping, Plumbing, Electrical, and Septic Tank Maintenance.

Diesel Powered Super Deluxe!

If the weather got you sweatin’ – don’t be fretting, Buddy Ray’s got the A/C you’re gonna be getting!

That’s right – nobody sells bigger A/C units than Buddy Ray – the bigger the better we always say!  Don’t think you have enough room?  We can build a nice shed next to your home to accommodate our huge diesel fuel powered super deluxe system. You won’t have to worry about being hot during a power failure with a 500 gallon fuel oil tank ready to go.

Thanks For Givin' Me A Discount!

Did you know that the Pilgrims ate Eagle McNuggets at the first Thanksgiving? Thank goodness Benny Franklin's idea didn't catch on or we'd have the Turkey as our national bird.

Soon it'll be Thanksgiving and you'll be saying "Buddy – thanks for giving me a big discount"

If it's so hot you think you're gonna die – don't cry, give Buddy Ray a try and you'll breathe a sigh of relief. When we're done you'll have a great excuse to not buy Christmas presents this year, 'cause you'll want to spend all your money on a super size A/C machine. You won't have to stress over Christmas shopping – but you will be nice and cool during those Hot Florida December nights.

Call Buddy Ray's today – spend $5,000 or more and we'll give you a free freshly frozen Winn Dixie turkey.

Back From Vacation

Well I'm finally "back from vacation" – and back on the job. My lawyer says I won't have a driving license for another year – but that's O.K. because my cousin Ralph will be driving me around. This summer we got a bunch of high school students who are wanting to learn all about air conditioning repair, so we're having what we call an intern training program. What this means – is that our prices are lower than ever!

And another thing – don't believe anything you read in the papers and see on TV – sure the law has accused some of our employees of theft, and we may have a supposed child molester working for us, and I may been a little intoxicated and allegedly run into a Seven Eleven convenience store. But, we all got to let off a little steam now and then – and at the end of the day you want the cheapest air conditioning system you can get for the least amount of money don't you?

So call Buddy Ray Today! We're cheap, we're quick – and you won't know what hit ya!

Our prices are so cheap - we don't need to offer rebates!

So, we hear about them discounts that the big fancy factories are giving – like Bryant is offering almost $800 bucks if you buy a new high efficiency system. Who needs a new AC system when you can keep fixing the old one? Those units that were built back in the 1970's work just as well now as they did back then – that's right – BUILT TO LAST – just like a '57 Chevy with big fuzzy dice!

A little pollution never hurt no-one. I guarantee that one volcano would spread way more pollution than every single AC unit we have ever installed – and there ain't no way no volcano is gonna erupt any time soon in Southwest Florida!

Well, if you are one of them tree huggers who believe in all that global climate change you just may be suckered into paying for a high efficiency system – you probably drive a Prius and eat veggie burgers too.

At Buddy Rays, we don't pay no mind to any Mr. Smarty Pants Scientist talking about no green Jeans effect and melting polar bears. The Earth has been here for 6,000 years – and it's going to go on at least another 6,000 years.

If you want good cheap AC, and you got cash money, then Give o' Buddy Ray a call. Chances are – we're somewhere in your neighborhood already...